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Welcome to the web site of an "official in uniform", someone who thinks that, just like love, arts and life, knowledge and interest grow when shared.

According to his approach of the synergy of knowledge, Bill Gates states: "I have an apple and you have an apple. If I give you my apple and you give me yours, than we both have one apple again. However, if I have a piece of knowledge and you have one and if I give you my piece of knowledge and you give me yours, than we both have two pieces of knowledge."

On this web site you will find articles on various topics, poems, caricatures, commentaries on books and photographies, all inciting to consider at length, to discuss and inviting you in the name of "humanity" to meet on "a common denominator", even if you don't share the same ideas. I have respect for every idea which is just and right, which serves all requirements of a modern and human life and which enhances the quality of such a life.

Instead of a selfish wish to keep the mysteries searched for within the dilemma of wanting or not to unveil and which sometimes are hidden in de verses of a poem, sometimes in the strokes of a drawing or the words of a story, you will find a genuine striving for sharing with everyone on the present web site.

This web site is the result of an unending search for sharing and finding better and juster solutions through dialogue. I hope you'll surf through the pages. I also do hope that you will share your thoughts on what you'll see and read. Maybe you might want to share your thoughts on your professional life, your own experiences, your problems or your legal difficulties, or you might be seeking for legal support. Whatever, I am ready to share all those with you.

On this web site you will also find some useful information. Please serve yourself.

Through this web site I also want you to learn about the little town of Karaburun, where I am living and which I love very much. Who knows, one day you might pass by in Karaburun and maybe we'll meet and share some nice thoughts and moments.

Wishing you to share all nice things with the ones you love... Welcome again...

While developing a strategy, it is important to consider closely the things which seem far away and to look from a certain distance at the close things.

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